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This is a list of coming free webinars
by the ELR Software Team
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Overview of eLr (especially for new and potential subscribers)
Thu, Oct 06 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Thu, Oct 20 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Mon, Oct 24 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Fri, Oct 28 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Thu, Nov 10 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Mon, Nov 21 2016 04:00PM (1hr)

Specialised eLr (especially for more experienced subscribers)
Fri, Oct 07 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Fri, Oct 07 2016 05:00PM (30min)
Fri, Oct 14 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Mon, Oct 24 2016 05:00PM (30min)
Mon, Oct 31 2016 04:00PM (30min)
Mon, Oct 31 2016 04:30PM (30min)
Fri, Nov 04 2016 04:00PM (30min)
Fri, Nov 04 2016 04:30PM (1hr)
Fri, Nov 18 2016 04:00PM (1hr)
Fri, Dec 02 2016 04:00PM (30min)
Fri, Dec 02 2016 04:30PM (30min)

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