Listening Comprehension: Grammaticality Judgements


This is a test of the ability to understand spoken sentences. There are 4 practice and 18 test sentences. The sentences are either grammatically correct or incorrect. The task is to judge whether a sentence read aloud by the examiner is grammatical or not, indicated by a "yes/no" response.

Clients must take sentence structure into account if they are to respond correctly. The sentences that are not grammatical have errors of word order, verb tense, or subject-verb agreement.


There are no written or pictured stimuli. The examiner reads aloud each sentence.


Read aloud each sentence in the order indicated on the score sheet.


Tell the client that you are going to read aloud some sentences.

Examiner: I am going to say some sentences, and I want you to tell me which ones are correct sentences and which ones are not. Let me give you an example: Correct sentences might be things like 'The bear was eating the honey' or 'The mouse ate the cheese.' Incorrect or wrong sentences might be things like 'The bear were eating the honey,' or 'The mouse ate cheese the.' For each sentence that I say, I just want you to tell me 'yes' if the sentence is correct, or 'no' if it is wrong. Let's do some practice first.

Administer the three practice items with corrective feedback, up to three times if errors are made. When the practice items have been given, say Great, now we'll start the test. I won't tell you if you are right or wrong with these. Administer the test items without corrective feedback.


For test items, if no response or the client requests it, repeat up to 2 times.


Circle the client's choice of Yes or No at the time of administration. After administration, each correct response (circled and bold) is scored "1" in the appropriate blank square of the score box.

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