Listening Comprehension: Grammaticality Judgements

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Sentence Presentation

Examiner reads each sentence aloud.
Circle "Y" or "N" as client says if sentence is correct or not.
Item Sentence Response Comments

Practice P1. The fruit was in the bowl. Y N
Items P2. Some flowers were growing the garden in. Y N
P3. The toys was in the box. Y N
P4. His boots were covered in mud. Y N

Test 1. The postman delivers the mail at 10 o'clock. Y N
Items 2. His balloon was coloured yellow. Y N
3. Her book was the on shelf. Y N
4. A boy was following the woman. Y N
5. The glass on broke the floor. Y N
6. The horses was in the paddock. Y N
7. The jar was full of lollies. Y N
8. Some clouds grey were in the sky. Y N
9. The baby was have a bath. Y N
10. The farmer milk his cows every day. Y N
11. The birds were in the cage. Y N
12. Her dress was in the wardrobe. Y N
13. A cat was chased the dog. Y N
14. Some dirty dishes were in the sink. Y N
15. The torch fell on the ground. Y N
16. The girl was wearing a scarf. Y N
17. His house was painting red. Y N
18. The tower were made of blocks. Y N


Responses circled AND bold score 1
 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  Total