Listening Comprehension of Text


This is a test of the ability to understand spoken texts. There are two text passages, and 5 test questions for each text. The text passages are taken from Test Your Child's Reading: Level 4 and Test Your Child's Reading: Level 5, by Peter Howard. The passages were chosen to fall into the range of the Flesch Reading Ease scores used for the "Comprehension of Written Text" test. The task is to listen to each text being read aloud and then to answer the series of "yes/no" questions.


There are no written or pictured stimuli. The examiner reads aloud the text and questions.


Read aloud the text passage. Then read aloud each question.


Tell the client that you are going to read a short story and their job is to listen carefully because at the end, you will ask them some questions that will need either a "yes" or "no" response.

Examiner: I am going to read two short stories. I want you to listen to the story. There are no practice stories here, so I won't be able to tell you if your answers to the questions are right or wrong. The questions will need only a 'yes' or 'no' answer. I can repeat the questions, but cannot read the story again.


Each question can be repeated up to 2 times if the client requests it or if there has been a long period without a response.


Circle the client's choice of Yes or No at the time of administration. After administration, each correct response (circled and bold) is scored "1" in the appropriate blank square of the score box. A space is also provided on the score sheet to indicate if the client does or does not go back to the text in order to answer each question.

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