Blending Non-Words

Client Name:  

Phoneme/Word Presentation

Say the phonemes, then the word (eg "Did I say ...?").
Circle "Y" or "N" as client says if the word matches the sounds.
Item Phonemes Word Response Phonemes Word Response

Practice P1. p-ar-l porf Y N p-ar-l parl Y N
Items P2. n-u ni Y N n-u nu Y N
P3. g-u-k guk Y N g-u-k gobe Y N

Test 1. g-r-ar gly Y N g-r-ar grar Y N
Items 2. s-t-ee srue Y N s-t-ee stee Y N
3. b-o-t bot Y N b-o-t bef Y N
4. m-ee-p meep Y N m-ee-p marl Y N
5. m-a mo Y N m-a ma Y N
6. p-i-m-aye payzer Y N p-i-m-aye pimaye Y N
7. sh-a-s shas Y N sh-a-s shij Y N
8. d-i-s-are disare Y N d-i-s-are doini Y N
9. k-i koe Y N k-i ki Y N
10. ch-o-t chait Y N ch-o-t chot Y N


Responses circled AND bold score 1
Column  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10  Total