Phoneme Counting - Adults


This is an auditory test of the ability to count the number of individual phonemes in words. There are 3 practice items and 12 test items. For each item, the client's task is to identify the number of sounds/phonemes heard in each word. The words range from 2 to 5 phonemes. The client identifies the number of phonemes by selecting from a display of the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. It is important that clients understand that this is not a spelling task, in that they must count the sounds they can hear, rather than the letters used to spell the word.


Individual pictures for each stimulus word are presented on cards.


Present the picture card for the item and label it.


Tell the client that you will show a picture and name it, and that you want the client to listen to the sounds in the words.

Examiner: I'm going to show you a picture. I will tell you its name. I want you to listen to the word and tell me how many sounds you can hear. Remember, listen for the number of sounds. Don't worry about the number of letters you would need to spell the word, but rather the number of sounds that you hear. Let's do a few practice ones first.

For the practice items: Correct any errors and reinforce correct responses by saying the individual sounds and holding your fingers up to count them as you say each sound: for example Yes, there are 3 sounds in 'cat' /k/ /a/ /t/ (holding up a finger for each sound).

Then proceed with test items regardless of performance on repeat of the practice items.


For test items, if no response or the client requests it, repeat up to 2 times.


Record the number indicated by the client at the time of administration (circle correct responses). Tally the number of correct responses.

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