Phoneme Analysis


This is an auditory test of ability to identify individual phonemes in spoken words. There are 2 practice items and 24 test items. Each item comprises a pair of words matched for canonical form. The client's task is to indicate which of two pictured and spoken words contains a target phoneme. The client must identify singletons from initial (4 items), medial (8 items) and final (4 items) positions, and phonemes that form part of clusters in initial (4 items) and final (4 items) positions.


Pictures of words containing the target sound and a picture of the distractor word are presented.


Present pictures in their pairs, with left/right location (from the examiner's perspective) as indicated on the score sheet (this should be marked on the back of each card to avoid examiner error). There are two practice items. Each card is labelled verbally as it is presented.


Tell the client that you will show two pictures and name them. You will ask him/her to look at the picture of the word that has the sound you say. As you present each, name each picture. Then say the target sound.

Examiner: "I'm going to ask you which of these two words has a particular sound in it. We'll try a couple of practice ones."

Repeat each practice item once if necessary, indicating errors and correcting them.


For test items, repeat up to 2 times if no response or a repeat is requested. Note repeats.


The client's choice is circled at the time of administration. After administration, each underlined word (the correct option) that is circled is scored "1" in the appropriate blank square of the score box. Totals can be broken down according to whether the target was a singleton or part of a cluster and its within-word location.

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