Blending Real Words


This is an auditory test of the ability to blend individual phonemes into whole words. There are 2 practice items and 10 test items. For each item, the client's task is to identify which word would be formed by blending the phonemes spoken by the examiner. The client identifies the word by choosing one of 3 pictures. The pictures include the target word, a distractor word with the same initial sound as the target, and a distractor word that is semantically related to the target.


Individual pictures for each target word and its two distractors are presented on separate cards. There are two practice items.


Present the 3 picture cards for each item according to the order indicated on the score sheet. Each card is labelled verbally as it is presented.


Tell the client that you will show 3 pictures. Say the name of one of them, one sound at a time. Tell the client that his/her task is to combine those sounds to make a word and then select its picture.

Examiner: "I am going to show you a series of 3 pictures. I will say the name of one of them one sound at a time. I want you to let me know which is the word I am saying. Lets start with some practice ones."

For the Practice items

Once practice items have been administered, say "good, now lets start with the test pictures. I won't be able to tell you if you are right or wrong with these."


For test items, if no response or the client requests it, repeat up to 2 times.


Circle the client's choice at the time of administration. After administration, score "1" in the appropriate square of the score box for each underlined word (the correct option) that is circled. Errors can also be broken down to indicate number of first sound and semantic distractors selected.

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