Blending Real Words

Client Name:  

Phoneme/Word (Picture) Presentation

Verbally label each picture in a set as it is presented.
Say the phonemes (eg "kn-i-fe").
Circle the word the client says matches the sounds.
Item Phonemes Word (Picture)
Left Middle Right

Practice P1. kn-i-fe knife knot fork
Items P2. h-ou-se shed house hill

Test 1. f-ee-t five feet boot
Items 2. s-t-i-ck stick step trees
3. r-a-bb-i-t carrot roses rabbit
4. d-ir-t-y dirty soapy dinner
5. g-a-me board goat game
6. kn-ee knee no toe
7. sh-aw-l coat ship shawl
8. b-ow bow bye hair
9. sh-e shoe he she
10. s-l-e-d stop sled pram


Responses circled AND underlined are correct (score 1)
For incorrect responses, mark (eg circle)
for column (a, b or c) in which word appears
Responses  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10  Total 
 Correct responses                       
 First sound distractor errors  a b b c b b b b a a  
 Semantic distractor errors  c c a b a c a c b c