Listening Comprehension: Sentence Plausibility

Client Name:  

Sentence Presentation

Examiner reads each sentence aloud.
Circle "Y" or "N" as client says if sentence is sensible or not.
Item Sentence Response Comments

Practice P1. The cheese ate the mouse. Y N
Items P2. The editor instructed the snake. Y N
P3. The car was passed by the motorbike. Y N

Test 1. The butler liked the maid. Y N
Items 2. The reins dropped the jockey. Y N
3. The headmaster was expelled by the student. Y N
4. The taxi was bumped by the van. Y N
5. The criminal sentenced the judge. Y N
6. The carpet was stained by the coffee. Y N
7. The millionaire sold the mansion. Y N
8. The submarine sank the destroyer. Y N
9. The puppy held the vet. Y N
10. The cleaner swept the floors. Y N
11. The question was asked by the teacher. Y N
12. The thief was grabbed by the money. Y N
13. The host amused the joke. Y N
14. The boys were collected by the insects. Y N
15. The groom was kissed by the bride. Y N
16. The chairman swallowed the orchestra. Y N
17. The chauffeur was driven by the passenger. Y N
18. The football broke the window. Y N
19. The prisoner was heard by the guard. Y N
20. The noise was startled by the horses. Y N


Responses circled AND bold score 1
Group  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  Total 
 Active + "Yes"             
 Active + "No"             
 Passive + "Yes"