Comprehension of Written Texts

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Question Sets

Ask the questions to match the selected paragraph.
Circle "Y" or "N" as client answers each question.
Paragraph Question Response Checks text

A) Your sense of feeling 1. Are there spots in your fingers that help you feel? Y N
2. Is your chin more sensitive than your forehead? Y N
3. Do the same nerves feel heat as pain? Y N
4. Can you easily feel a feather stroking your palm? Y N
5. Are the spots that feel the cold spread evenly over your whole body? Y N
B) Clever dog 1. Could the dog talk? Y N
2. Was the dog's name Hector? Y N
3. Did Kosiuski pretend to be the dog and say that he did not speak every language? Y N
4. Did the Russian laugh at what the dog was supposed to have said? Y N
5. Did the two men fight a duel using knives? Y N
C) A house to live in forever 1. Was everybody in Egypt buried with their furniture? Y N
2. Was it only kings and queens in Egypt who could read? Y N
3. Did the 'Book of the Dead' have stories in it about the gods? Y N
4. Did the Egyptians think that they needed things to use after they died? Y N
5. Do pictures of Egyptians in the 'Book of the Dead' have the faces turned sideways? Y N
D) The bird that kicks 1. Do other birds besides ostriches kick? Y N
2. Have ostriches grown heavier since they stopped flying? Y N
3. Is it true that ostriches bury their heads in the sand and think they are safe from an enemy? Y N
4. Will an ostrich crouch down to hide? Y N
5. Do ostriches defend themselves by biting? Y N


Responses circled AND bold score 1
Paragraph  1  2  3  4  5  Total 
 A) Your sense of feeling             
 B) Clever dog             
 C) A house to live in forever             
 D) The bird that kicks