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Toni Seiler B Sp Ther, MS Sp Path, PhD, CPSP
Rob Seiler Dip Comp Sci, PhD
Anna Breakell B App Sc (Sp Path)
(Directors, ELR Software Pty Ltd)

Photo of ELR team - Toni Seiler, Rob Seiler and Anna Breakell

Consultancy Services

In addition to our in-house, flagship products,
eLr (Extra Language Resource) and WordDriver,
we are available to advise, design and develop computerised solutions in fields relating to speech, language and literacy impairments, and Web access.

Toni and Anna are Speech Pathologists who together have more than 60 years clinical experience, including work with adults and children in acute, rehabilitation and education settings, and specialist work with children with complex disorders and developmental delays. Both are practising Members of Speech Pathology Australia.

Rob, a computer consultant, has worked with Toni since 1994 to develop systems to enhance Internet access for people with disabilities. This work included Judy Ireland, an Occupational Therapist and our clinical collaborator in East Vic Professional Therapies, and received funding in June 1997 from the Australian Dept of Communications and the Arts under the Online Public Access Initiative.

Completed Consultancies

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