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The following are available for access or free downloading from this website

Program Licence Description Size Action
eLr Free trial Time limited, free access to the eLr (Extra Language Resources) website. Speech pathology, language and literacy resources, designed by Speech Pathologists for children and adults with speech and language disorders, delayed learning and reading support needs [Web]
eLr-Offline Free trial A "universal" App version of eLr which can be installed on any modern computer or tablet. Allows you to use all eLr activities anywhere access to the Internet is not possible or desirable. [Web]
eLr Directory (Summary) Free PDF Summary of eLr Directory in print-ready PDF format. Contains all the classification information but no listing of actual tasks and task numbers. (The full version is available only to eLr subscribers.) 80kb [Download] [Web]
eLr Fonts Free Fonts This is a set of 19 symbol fonts as used in eLr activities. They have a standard "arial" character set with 10 different symbols mapped to the digits "0" to "9" in each font. 350kb [Download]  
SSP Progress Monitor Free PDF A monitoring tool for assessment/review of decoding accuracy within a Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) approach. Response Forms and lists of Stimulus Items are provided. 0.5MB [Download]  
APAR/PDF Free PDF APAR (Assessment of Phonological Awareness and Reading) in print-ready PDF format (zipped). Contains all the score sheets and stimulus cards. 1MB [Download] [Web]
WordDriver Free Web App A web app developed by Toni & Rob Seiler from ELR Software for Toni's PhD research entitled "The effectiveness of a computer-supported intervention targeting phonological recoding and orthographic processing for children with word reading impairment" (Curtin University thesis, 2015). [Web]
Word Meanings iOS App An Interactive Language Program designed to build understanding and recall of words by strengthening semantic processing, based on the therapy manual Building Language: Word Meanings by Robyn Dower and Jan Mackey, Helios Art and Book Co, 1996.  
Vol 1:Covers Picture Meanings, Spoken Word - Picture Links, and Written Word - Picture Links. [Web]

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