Bellevue Motor Inn

Checklist for Wheelchair Accessibility
  Yes/No Problem or Comment


1. Is there a level, 3.2 metre wide parking bay?
OR is assistance available for unloading/parking?


1a. Is there level or ramped access from carpark to reception, if no, number of steps? Yes  
1b. Are kerb/steps no steeper than 1:8, longer ramps no steeper than 1:14? Yes  
2. Is the entry free of any steps or ledges? Yes  


1. Is access from carpark to unit free of any steps or ledges?
OR is there a ramp (1:8 for ramp up one step, or 1:14 for longer ramp) or lift?
Yes More than 1 step = Not Accessible
2. Does door to unit have a clear opening of 760mm minimum? Yes Less than 720mm = Not Accessible
3. Is there sufficient circulation space outside and inside the door for a wheelchair user to open the door, enter and close the door? (Varies according to the type and size of the door - eg 1350mm x 1350mm required for an opening door 760mm width). Yes  
4. Is door easy to open (no heavy spring or closer), are handles at 900-1100mm, and can door be opened with one hand? Yes  


1. Is there a minimum of 800mm beside the bed to allow transfer?
OR can bed be moved to achieve this?
2. Is space sufficient to turn a wheelchair? (2000x1600mm) Yes  
3. Is top mattress 480-500mm from the floor, or can bed be adjusted? Yes 500mm
4. Are switches (light, TV) and phone within reach of the bed? Yes  
Note: It is desirable that facilities such as coat hanging, tea making, air-conditioner switch etc are within reach. Yes  


1. Does door have a clear opening at 760mm minimum? Yes Less than 720mm = Not Accessible
2. Is door easy to open (type & position of handle, weight)? Yes  
3. Is there sufficient space at doorway (outside and inside) to manoeuvre a wheelchair, open the door, enter, close the door?. (Space requirements vary with size of doorway, and whether door slides, or opens inward or outward.) Yes  
4. Is there space to manoeuvre - min overall dimensions 2400x1900mm? Yes 2350x2450mm
5. Is there 800mm beside the toilet to back in for transferring? Yes  
6. From transfer positions beside and/or in front of toilet, can you reach across to grabrails? Yes  
7. Are grabrails positioned at 800-810mm height beside and behind toilet? Yes  
8. Is toilet seat between 460-480mm height? Yes 460mm 
9. Are switches, power points, mirrors etc usable from seated position (900-1100mm)? No 1200mm
10. Is there knee space under the basin Yes  


11. Is the shower free of hob, step or floor tracks? Yes Shower over bath = Not Accessible
12. Is there space to manoeuvre a wheelchair? (1100x1160mm in shower, + space outside shower)
OR if fixed screen, is opening a minimum of 760mm, and circulation space as above?
13. Are there grabrails? Yes  
14. Are grabrails at height 800-810mm? Yes  
15. Are grabrails at height 800-180mm? Yes  
16. Is there a seat, folding or freestanding? Yes  
17. Are taps between 900-1100mm height, and of lever, capstan or sensor type? Yes  


1. Is access from unit to restaurant free of steps or raised thresholds? Yes  
2. Is there an accessible toilet in or nearby? Yes  
3. Does door have a clear opening of 760mm? Yes  
If no restaurant, or if not accessible, is room service available? Yes