EIA - Enhancing Internet Access

You are welcome to download a FREE DEMONSTRATION PROGRAM or FREE TRIAL VERSION of the EIA Browser.

Licence status None needed - this is "freeware". You may copy or distribute it as you wish.   This is an Unregistered Trial Version - not free software! You have the right to evaluate this program for a period of 30 days from the date you initially install it. If you find that it suits your needs and you wish to continue to use it after the 30 day period you are required to register it by paying the registration fee to ELR Software Pty Ltd.
Purpose This demonstration program will let you see, or show others, how the EIA Browser and its Plugin modules (the AAP and the Web Tutorial) "look and feel".   This trial program will let you actually browse the Web, but it doesn't contain any of the Plugin modules.
Limitations This program is just a demonstration. It will not allow actual Web browsing.   The Unregistered EIA Browser will function for only 15 minutes during each browsing session. It will also not allow you to define a "Custom Start" page or to use the "Click-On-A" option.
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