EIA - Enhancing Internet Access

Resources & Publications

Web Launching Pad

  1. EIA Online
    An example "links" page designed to extend Web awareness and training for clients using the EIA Browser

Normal Ranges for Awareness and Assessment Protocol

  1. Adult ranges
    Age range 25-44, 45-64 and 65+ years

Blank Recording Forms (in PDF format)

(If you need to obtain a PDF Reader, with the compliments of Adobe, please visit the Adobe Systems Inc Web site)

  1. AAP Response Form
    Suitable for recording AAP results (approx 17k)
  2. AAP Clinical History Form
    Suitable for recording a relevant history prior to conducting AAP (approx 10k)
  3. Monitored Web Usage Form
    Suitable for structured monitoring of a clients usage of the Web (approx 13k)

Published Clinical Papers & Case Studies

  1. Overview paper
    Enhancing Internet Access for People with Disabilities in "Expanding Horizons" Speech Pathology Australia National Conference, 1998 Proceedings. p49-55
  2. Clinical Summary
    A tabular summary of a clinical trial of the EIA System with 6 clients (Apr 1998)
  3. ARATA Report
    Presented at the Third Australian Conference on Technology for people with Disabilities, 25-28 Nov 1997. (Conference Proceedings p226-228)
  4. Online Services for People with Disabilities in Australian Public Libraries
    Kirsty Williamson et al

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