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Help us Celebrate - and Win an Apple iPad

We have decided that we'll use the Speech Pathology Australia conference in Darwin this year to celebrate several eLr milestones. In particular eLr is now 10 years old, and now contains more than 11,000 activities in almost 1,000 categories. A recent analysis of the eLr website statistics indicates that both "Guest" and "Registered Users" will each top 1,000,000 tasks and 200,000 sessions by the time of the conference.

The other reason for celebration is that recent updates allow eLr to work with a range of browsers, including several on the Mac computer as well as the iPad! Our original concept that eLr could be the clinicians "toolbox" wherever she/he may need it, has advanced considerably since March 2000.

So, to help us celebrate and thank you for ongoing support, we are offering a free Apple iPad to be drawn at the Darwin conference, 1.30pm June 29th 2011. Anyone whose subscription is or will be current after July 1st 2011 is eligible for the prize. If you have a multiuser subscription, all those covered by the subscription may individually enter. We ask in return that you provide us some feedback about about eLr, using the form below.

Win an iPad!

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4: Your eLr User ID (eg "abc123"* You must have a valid eLr subscription as at 30th June 2011 to be eligible for this draw

5: What do you like about eLr?  For example, list features you use regularly, or that make you keep wanting to use eLr

6: What would you like to see changed in eLr?  For example, list things you find inconvenient or that don't work well with your clients or users

7: What would you like to see added to eLr?  For example, list new areas or activity types you'd like us to add to eLr?

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