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Mouth Sound Challenge

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The ELR team has been developing graphic representations of all the sounds of English ("Mouth Sounds"). We would appreciate your considered feedback about the graphics, and ideas about how you would like to use them. A new model MouthSounds Wordbuilder using these graphics has been recently incorporated into the Activity Toolbox-Game Generator where it is permanently available to Registered eLr users as a tool to illustrate the sequence of sounds in single syllable words or nonwords.

The green buttons below link to public versions of MouthSounds Wordbuilder depicting child or adult faces to allow anyone to freely explore this new model. Once you've loaded one of these tasks, click the small [?] button at the top-right to get help about how to use it, or contact us for further details.

First, explore the Mouth Sounds ...
Try the MouthSounds WordBuilder model   
Then enter the draw (closes midnight 30th Nov 2012)

Please fill out details below, then click Send, to be entered in this draw
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1: Your name* The name we'll announce should you be the prize winner!

2: Your email address (and/or phone number)* We'll also need to be able to contact you if you win

3: Your comments about these materials* Let us know what you think about the current graphics, the MouthSounds Wordbuilder model, and ideas for future use or development

4: Words you've found that MouthSounds Wordbuilder can't build (optional) For every accepted word listed, you'll get an extra chance in the draw! Words need to be:
  • single syllable English words
  • not names of people or places
  • not abbreviations
  • limited to 2 sounds in any initial or final consonant blends


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