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An interactive program to strengthen labelling of nouns, verbs, and objects, and production of 2 & 3 part sentences
[Order Form (PDF)] Developed by speech pathologists Helen Goltzoff, Virginia Long and the ELR Software team
Rob Seiler (programmer) and Toni Seiler (speech pathologist)
Graphic designers Melinda Beacham and Bill Marron
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Features B-a-S main screen For use by
  • Graded levels of difficulty
  • Use of high frequency everyday vocabulary
  • Modification of vocabulary to suit client needs
  • Practice nouns or pronouns
  • Modeling of key words followed by sentence expansion
  • Reinforce literacy skills by inclusion of text
  • Turn off sound to encourage naming and sentence production
  • Games to encourage experimentation, fun and spontaneous production
  • Children with a developmental disability
  • Children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Children who have a learning disability or language disorder
  • Children with a hearing impairment
  • Teachers needing a simple computer program for classroom use
  • Adults who have aphasia
  • Individuals who require assistance in acquiring some basic literacy skills
  • Individuals from LOTE backgrounds (Language other than English)

Building sentences

1-Part Sentences (naming) 2-Part Sentences 3-Part Sentences
B-a-S 1-part sentences screen B-a-S 2-part sentences screen B-a-S 3-part sentences screen

Playing Games

Slide show (naming) Memory Magic paint
B-a-S slideshow screen B-a-S memory game B-a-S magic paint game

Settings and requirements

Individual settings   System requirements
B-a-S settings screen   Windows XP/Vista/7/8
128+MB RAM
Sound card

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