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Extra Language Resources

More than 14,850 interactive activities

Covers a wide range of speech, language, and literacy targets

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What is eLr?

eLr is a comprehensive set of online therapy resources which allow speech and language therapists to deliver specifically targeted therapy for all ages. Launched in 2000, it has been continually expanded over the last 20 years to support flexible therapy sessions with minimal preparation time.
  •  Thousands of interactive therapy activities
  •  Speech sound disorders and oral language
  •  Phonological awareness and reading & spelling
  •  Sentence processing and oral narrative
  •  For face-to-face or teletherapy sessions
  •  Free client access for home practice
  •  Modifiable tasks to suit individual client needs
  •  Appropriate for any English accent

Meet the team

Image Toni Seiler
Dr Toni Seiler PhD
B SpTher, MS SpPath, CPSP
Image Anna Breakell
Anna Breakell
B App Sc (Sp Path), CPSP

Toni Seiler and Anna Breakell are Australian speech pathologists who together have more than six decades of clinical experience, including work with adults and children in acute, rehabilitation and education settings, and specialist work with children with complex disorders and developmental delays. Both are practising Members of Speech Pathology Australia. Together, Toni & Anna have created the structure & content of eLr.

Toni completed her PhD in 2015 focusing on intervention for children with severe and persistent word reading impairment (dyslexia). She continues to do research; consults with schools to support students with speech, language, and literacy difficulties; and provides teletherapy for people with a range of communication and literacy disorders.

Anna has worked with both adults and children in a range of settings. She has provided early intervention to children with autism and intellectual disability and feels privileged to have provided ongoing therapy into their adult years. Anna has also made a major contribution to eLr with her graphic skills. She lives with her husband and two sons in Melbourne, and enjoys regular walks with her two Jack Russells!

Image Rob Seiler
Dr Rob Seiler PhD
BVSc, Dip Comp Sci

Rob Seiler, originally a veterinary pathologist, and more recently a computer consultant, has worked with Toni since 1972 to create paper based, and later computerised, speech therapy resources for her clinical use. In 1994 we began to transfer many of our ideas to the internet. We live in rural Victoria, east of Melbourne.

eLr represents the culmination of the efforts of the three of us, to provide clinicians, teachers, and clients with comprehensive, easily available resources intended to form a basis for interactive therapy sessions. We hope you'll find it useful.

Brief overview of eLr

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