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eLr on-screen activities require a Javascript enabled browser such as:

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    Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer(v11+)
    Firefox(v72+), Chrome(v80+)
  • macOS 10.15+
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We would prefer you didn't have to see this page! The browser you are using will open most pages on this site, but you'll not be able to use it to logon or to run actual eLr exercises. For more help or advice about using eLr, please contact us at: support@elr.com.au

eLr works best on Windows, Mac and Chromebook computers using a "modern" version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. If you are using a different browser, please send us the details above and we may be able to include it.

eLr is more like a large computer "program" than a conventional web site. Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive, exciting range of on-line therapy games and activities. There are now over 14,600 such activities covering some 1,075 different target areas in Phonology, Phonemic Awareness, Reading and Spelling, Semantics, Sentence Processing and Using Language. The sample "screens" below will give some idea of the appearance of eLr tasks.


Sample eLr Screens

Materials suitable for children with literacy problems
Sample eLr screen
Naming letters which are easily confused
Sample eLr screen
Sample eLr screen
"Demon words" in sentences
Materials suitable for adults with aphasia and related contitions
Sample eLr screen
Spoken word - picture matching
Sample eLr screen
Matching words to a picture
Sample eLr screen
Materials suitable for children with phonology and language disorders
Sample eLr screen
Producing /f/ in nonsense syllables
Sample eLr screen
Practising /f/ initial words
Sample eLr screen
Naming, phrase production

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