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The eLr designers are -

Toni Seiler B Sp Ther, MS Sp Path, PhD
Rob Seiler Dip Comp Sci, PhD
Anna Breakell B App Sc (Sp Path)
(Directors, ELR Software Pty Ltd)

E-mail support@elr.com.au
Postal ELR Software Pty Ltd
PO Box 1456
VIC 3875, Australia
(03) 5156 8309
+61 3 5156 8309
(03) 5156 8609
+61 3 5156 8609
A.B.N. 67 090 738 702
Toni Seiler, Rob Seiler and Anna Breakell

We are an Australian proprietary company, registered on November 30 1999 under the Corporations Law of Victoria. Further information about this registration can be obtained by reading the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) entry for ELR Software Pty Ltd. You may also wish to view information about ASIC.

Toni and Anna are Speech Pathologists who together have more than 6 decades clinical experience, including work with adults and children in acute, rehabilitation and education settings, and specialist work with children with complex disorders and developmental delays. Both are practising Members of Speech Pathology Australia.

Rob, a computer consultant, has worked with Toni since 1994 to develop systems to enhance Internet access for people with disabilities (see Enhancing Internet Access).

eLr is a culmination of our efforts to provide clinicians, teachers and clients with comprehensive, easily available, high quality resources. The various tasks are intended to form a basis for interactive sessions between clinician and client which encourage spontaneous verbal and "off screen" responses. Further information on eLr Design Principles is available.

What our Users have Said

  • Thanks for the prompt registration - I have been having a wonderful time fiddling this morning all over the site - Will look forward to the info in mail!
  • Yes I did work out how to access the demo, when I took the time to look at the site properly. Congratulations! It looks like a terrific site and a much needed resource for both professionals and families. I would like to subscribe and will send a form by fax.
  • Many, many thanks for your response. How wonderful to actually get a "real-live-person" response; it's rare for a web site!
  • I am very pleased actually with the eLr material and will likely purchase it. It is a tremendous service to offer the trial run. It helps tremendously for those of us who have small private practices and must manage resources wisely. I was particularly interested in the materials for kids' home practice. Thus far, the kids' responses have been really good.
  • I've found eLr great especially the guest user service for students that I am only able to see infrequently.
  • Just wanted to let you know that we have just got your software package. It's been wonderful.
  • I love your eLr activities - they have changed therapy and my life - less work preparation and definitely much more fun!
  • It's organised in a logical way and it's easy to find the activities I want.
  • Made my work more diversified by allowing me to include a larger variety of tasks.
  • Allows me to give 'exciting' homework - kid's will do anything on a computer!
  • Parents find it easy to use
  • Parents sometimes ask if there is speech with it - I prefer to have it the way it is, because it emphasises the interactive nature of the activities - you don't just give it to the child and walk off. I feel that would happen more if there was speech with it.
  • I attach for you a letter from Elliott who is in grade 1 and noticed someone had made a mistake. The idea that you could e mail the person responsible and point it out was very exciting... ....... so here you are.
  • I am most certainly renewing - I couldn't imagine not having eLr anymore!!!
  • I want to take this opportunity to let you know how valuable a resource I consider the eLr program to be. I certainly feel that I get my money's worth as I use it with every speech pathology client I see. I know the parents are very grateful for access to tasks for home practice, as they are aware that increased practice time usually results in earlier gains and subsequent reduction of therapy costs.
  • I can't tell you how much I appreciate your computer program. I work in different settings and it saves me so much time and more importantly the children and adults really enjoy using the program and I am sure their progress is greatly enhanced by the program.
  • The students, staff and myself think this is a fantastic program.
  • A truly grateful customer of yours - I don't know how I coped before eLr!!
  • Well done with the new 'sentence type' stuff! The graphics look great and the sentences are practical.
  • I like the activities where there are 2 correct answers. Maybe you could do which one is wrong out of four, ie. three correct out of four. I'm looking forward to the past tense ones too.
  • The scenetyper activities were perfect for my Down's Syndrome student.
  • Even though some errors have been found I also would like to let you know that the students and I really enjoy using the program. It is a fantastic tool to have within the school.
  • CONGRATULATIONS on your new section that has sequencing pictures. I've just been looking at it and it is FANTASTIC. I work with children and use pic sequences frequently, so it is a real bonus to have so many new ones, and to be able to use them on the computer.

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