Kirsty Williamson, ITNR Dr Kirsty Williamson
Kirsty is the Director of ITNR and Chief Investigator for the project. Whilst her interest generally lies in users of information and telecommunications, she is specifically interested in the problems faced by disadvantaged people in adapting to technological change. Her recent research has focussed on older adults and people with disabilities and the barriers they experience in using the Internet.
Steve Wright Steve Wright, ITNR
Steve is a Research Fellow in ITNR. His research interests include the place of information technologies in social movements; the relationship between knowledge management and power; and online access for the Deaf and people with disabilities. His book on Italian autonomist marxism was published by Pluto Press (London) in March 2002.
Louise Stockfeld, ITNR Louise Stockfeld
Louise is a Research Associate with ITNR. She also worked on the Federal Department of Communications Information Technology and the Arts (DoCITA) first round AccessAbility project "Online services for people with disabilities in Australian Public Libraries". While working with people with a variety of disabilities, Louise has come to firmly believe in the opportunities available to many people through computer technologies - particularly the introduction of adaptive tools.
Fran O'Neill Fran O'Neill, NMIT
Fran is a Program Coordinator and Project Worker in the Faculty of Further Education at NMIT. She has coordinated and taught in adult literacy programs since 1990 and has a particular interest in language and literacy issues for adult learners who are Deaf and hard of hearing. As an educator, Fran is also interested in examining issues of inclusion and exclusion for all adult learners of language and literacy in relation to the increasing use of online technologies.
Toni and Rob Seiler, ELR Software Toni and Rob Seiler
Toni is a Speech Pathologist with more than 25 years clinical experience, including work with adults and children in acute, rehabilitation and education settings. She is a practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Rob, a computer consultant, has worked with Toni since 1994. As ELR Software Pty Ltd they have produced software in the fields of Internet access for people with disabilities, and specific speech pathology resource material - in particular EIA (Enhancing Internet Access) and eLr (Extra Language Resources. They have also been consultants to clinicians and research projects in the fields of literacy and accessibility issues with the Internet.